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We make fine art reproductions of international masterpieces from fifteenth century to the present days, using the great Masters of Art's old techniques. Our aim is to recreate the emotion we get when we visit museums and galleries worldwide, where the original works of art are exposed.

A reproduction has an artistic value, not only a commercial market value, even though reproductions have their own market. Copies are also available in many auction houses listed as Farsetti, Sotheby's and so on, where they are sold along with other original paintings. The "Art of the copy" is an ancient art , which has always been present over the centuries, like for example the Roman copies of the statues of ancient Greece , which one may view in the most important museums of the world.
The creation of a copy requires a very long time, patience and lots of experience.

While the artist expresses himself through painting, freeing his emotions, feelings and taste during the creative process, the copyist is forced to retrace step by step what the painter had performed spontaneously and instinctively, or nearly so. Through a meticolous study of the artist and his work, the work of the copyist is that of decoding his procedure used for creating his work of art: the techniques he used to apply the colours and basicly his way of painting. For these reasons, high quality reproductions can be made only after years of study and gained experience.

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